Bespoke Swamp Kauri Desk

Recently, Everwood custom made a bespoke swamp kauri desk, complete with display compartments and drawers. the desk top is made from 60mm thick swamp kauri , cut from the head of the tree. This unique and beautiful timber can include incredible variations in colour and grain. This timber however, also tends to include cavities, cracks and other flaws. We routed out these areas and inserted matching and contrasting pieces of kauri to create a unique, one off desk top.

The desk top itself measures 2,200mm long x 900mm deep. the drawer fronts are all made of matching timber and include our signature, sculptured handle pulls. This desk top was finished in liquid glass to bring out the grain and highlight the beauty of the timber.

The cost of this desk will be determined by the rarity and size of the kauri top as well as the detail. This desk can be made without the display cabinets and glass image.

Everwood can make you a variation of this piece, feel free to contact me at to discuss the options available.

Richard Parkinson,

Director, Everwood Furniture

Phone 027 424 7832

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