Solid Black-Wood Rocking Chair

This rocking chair was a commission that we spent a great deal of time developing as all of the pieces have to fit together perfectly. It would be suitable as a lounge rocker or even a nursing chair. This chair was finished in a clear polyurethane but could be stained, painted or upholstered to any colour or design of you choice.

The dynamics of a good quality rocking chair are very important, it needs to be comfortable and balanced correctly. If you get these two things right, the owner will have the pleasure of a special, unique piece of intricate furniture.

This one was made in blackwood, however we can use any good quality hardwood and we are considering using upholstery on the seat or back. We are also working on a more contemporary designed Rocking chair.

Everwood can make you a variation of this piece so feel free to contact me at to discuss the options available.

Richard Parkinson,

Director, Everwood Furniture

Phone 027 424 7832


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