This is a reasonably ‘simple’ design square dining table hand crafted in our Mount Maunganui factory,it measures 1500 x 1500 mm and is 750mm high,what makes itspecial is the fact the it wasmade entirely from 2x large fitches of Heart Rimu.

In consultation with the client we chose to split the 2 book matched slabs into 200mm wide planks and relaminate it, this gave us the opportunity to alternate the grain to add to the ultimate stability of the 40mm thick top and select the most attractive combination of colour and grain. We laminated the remainder of the timber to make the legs and finished it in a 2 pack mirotone semi gloss lacquer.

At 1500 square you can seat 8 people, the shape makes for a very social table with plenty of room in the center for serving dishes or condiments.

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