Bespoke Custom Made Office and commerical furniture

If you are searching for generic or cheap office furniture I suggest you look else where!

At Everwood we hand craft special one off bespoke office and boardroom furniture, desks, filing cabinets, storage solutions,boardroom tables etc. We will work with you to design and build exactly what you require to suite your style of office be it home or at work.

If you’re after bespoke, quality custom made office furniture made from solid wood, get in touch. We can arrange delivery to Tauranga, Auckland and Hamilton and throughout New Zealand.

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The furniture in your office and boardroom are a reflection on you as an individual and your company. It has long been a sign of success to have a fabulous hand crafted office desk that is both a pleasure to behold and functional and practical to work at. Imagine if you will the pleasure you would derive from not being able to stop your self from running your hand over the corner of your office desk every time you walked into the room. You can get that experience with a fine piece of highly finished wooden furniture. I am constantly on the look out for special unique pieces of timber for desk and table tops, pieces that will give pleasure and uniqueness to the finished piece.That doesn’t mean to say your desk needs to cost a fortune, a modest size custom desk in solid native or exotic timber can start from as little as $5000.00.

We can incorporate all the latest component’s into your desk or boardroom table such as Ezi lift remote controlled lift mechanisms for your computer screen(this will conceal the screen under the desk top when not required say during a meeting)hefele” power and data docks that fit flush into the desktop and roll (either manually or electronically)to present power and data points. We use Hettich V6 quattro soft close draw runners and Hettich soft close door hinges.

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Hand Crafted solid Timber Furniture