We have just completed this magnificent bespoke dining table for a local client it measures 2850mm long and 2000mm wide. Made from solid American white ash the top is 40mm thick and took 6 strong men to carry it.We inset a kauri inlay into the center and around the edge which really gives it a quality breaking up the huge expanse of timber.

The width being twice the standard table created some logistical night mares, You can get an appreciation of the size from the photos the one with me sanding it shows how I can barely reach the middle of the table.We had a solid aluminium “sub frame’ engineered to fit under the top it is hidden by the skirt around the edge. The subframe supports the table to prevent it sagging under its own weight and holds the top flat.

We had custom ‘sand cast’ brass feet made for the legs that really set of the design and finish it beautifully.

I am very lucky to have clients that believe in us and allow us to make such magnificent pieces of furniture as well as the cabinet makers and associated subtrades cabable of taking my designs thriough to fruition.

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