This entertainment unit is one part of a suite of four pieces of lounge furniture hand crafted from the slab of rimu shown. It is not often I am convinced to break up such a stunning slab into smaller individual pieces.

However due to the nature of large slabs they can tend to develop stress fractures during the drying process, these are called “checking”. The more interest and character a slab has the more likely it will have internal stresses. By cutting the slab into smaller components we were able to work around some of the checking and finish with four very attractive pieces of furniture that are structurally sound.

This entertainment unit makes use of our unique corner to leg joint which we cut on our computerised CNC router. The whole unit is made in components then glued up in one complex and technical manner (see photo)We book matched the grain on the doors and end panels (attention to detail that makes any piece special).

This unit is 1500 mm long 500mm high and 500mm deep, the use of grey tint glass for the central door allows the components to be partially hidden but still activated using a remote control.

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