This table was a commission for a local client, the client requested a unique rustic table to seat 6 people. If the finish wasn’t ” rustic enough she threatened that she would drill holes in it her self”.

I was lucky enough to have recently been offered a small parcel of ‘black maire’ and included were some nice large fitches. Black Maire is one of the hardest timbers in the world and I was pleased to not have to sand the table to our normal fine finish. The design is bespoke and I worked closely with the client to be sure the end result was what she desired.

We found some genuine old railway bolts to attach the legs and add to the look. Wecoated the table in a modified tung oil to bring out the beautiful colours of the timber and then finished it in Bona naturale, a2 pack waterborne finishthat is completely flat with no gloss.

We can make for you a variation on this piece, just contact me at to discuss the options available.

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