This is a bespoke swamp kauri dining table made from 4 matching pieces of timber there will never be another like it.

We had 7 pieces of timber all milled from the head of an ancient kauri log recovered from a Bay of Plenty peat swamp, The head of the tree is where the long stright trung splits into the head of the tree and this timber displays unique grains and colouring.

We selected 4 pieces of timber milled consecutively and we machined and worked them to create this completely one of a kind table. each piece had a corner missing so we used this to create the central insert and mirrored that central on each side.

The table measures 1500mmx1500mm and is 750mm high, the top is solid kauri 50mm thick and the legs are 90mm square. We used a unique method of construction utiliseing our CNC router we cut a sliding dovetail into each corner and machined the corresponding dovetail into each leg.

We hand finished it with 3 coats of international paints Everdure to densify the surface of the timber, then sprayed it with 5 coats of Uroxys urethane resin. The result is a high gloss finish with incredable depth showing the unique luster and pearlecene of the ancient swamp kauri to its best.

We have now sold this table and finished it in silky matt mirotone and while I loved the gloss the silky matt looks equally as effective but more sutle. See the photos for the different finishes.

I would be happy to work with you to design custom furniture for your home or appartment please contact me to discuss your special requirements.

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